We love our country and why our valuable time volunteering is essential, to insure our government will work for our families and be accountable for failures, so we can live in a just society.   Govabuse fights injustices whether the entity is governmental or non-governmental.

Govabuse® demands our government operate in the just manner, expected when we pay them via our hard earned tax dollars. Govabuse advocates object to any / all unjust entities that do not work for the legal, moral and natural rights of children / families instead being paid for working against children / families, under the ruse of "best interest".

There are no small cracks in the system(s), allowing scams for profit. GovAbuse has located vast holes, some have been developed over many years and some by accident, others by absolute design.

​Regardless as to how the many areas causing severe harm to children / families developed, none can nor will, ever be repaired without action steps taken by our good, moral families. and continue to unite all families to demand essential changes.  There is only power 'in numbers'.

THE BIG QUESTION: With so many family right's groups, why is the system continuing to fail more children & families every single year?
People these days want a 'badge' and now. Most do not want to put actual work into developing a strong chest to pin it on. Everyone wants what they want, right now. Many advocates in this generation believe that they are automatically experts and that their personal case would change the system and that a book and / or movie should be made about their personal case. They want to do something, anything.... so they start a facebook page & ask everyone to follow their new group. Children & family rights groups alone could keep facebook in business. They are made up of the same people, in the same groups wasting valuable time. If they spent more time as one unit, the entire system would be working for our children & families by now.

Govabuse is the largest children & family rights organization in the nation, together we have saved many families from our failed court system(s). Proving that t
eam-work, does work!

Every day, we will continue to see new facebook groups (& others) start and fail. because a great idea by every newbie will continue to be than actually putting time into learning what they are doing before acting isn't the modern way.

For many decades, Children & Family Rights groups e.g., abused / neglected children, mothers, fathers, grandparents, military veterans, reformation of CPS / DHS / courts / social services / social security. tax reformation (list is endless) have all wasted valuable time fighting the same issues, separately. Seeking reformation by separating citizens has proven over time to be detrimental to all group cause(s) and worse yet, to the demise of children and families . Through unity, nothing is impossible!  
Even when groups have fought separately 'for' their individual causes and 'not against' other groups, none have the numbers to affect or force change. History has proven, there is always power in numbers.

Just as you have made it to this Govabuse website, every person (in every category) advocating for children & family rights, are seeking hope and / or help. Without exception, all are shocked to learn how alone they are NOT and how vast the amount of families nationwide are all dealing with the same issues that have dismantled or demolished their families morally, personally, emotionally, financially & more.

You finally have the power to create and cause change. Govabuse has the vast numbers of advocates & activists working in unity.  No more mothers protesting against fathers fathers against mothers or grandparents protesting with only grandparents.

When alone, (in any geographical area), it is a complete waste of time and energy to complain or attempt to fight the issues. Results only come when standing '
united' against the unjust entities all benefitting from the demise of every family.

Your tax dollars are paying for injustices.
Those thinking the issues do not affect them personally
if you are not involved directly in a court case. Surprise, you are definitely financially paying.


Love for our children, families & country, is why we demand      

assurance of freedom from all forms of injustice.     ~ Nancy Rolfe

GovAbuse - 
Largest Children / Family Rights Organization in the nation 

Why be part of the Govabuse family? 

* What you do not know, can and will harm your child(ren).
* Volunteering may save another child / family, as well as your own.
*Your most valuable resource, are those who
  have already been where you are and / or
  are going.

*Connecting with others to learn where trip-
  cords are can save valuable, time, money,
  emotional stress and much more.

Legal, moral and natural rights. 

Too often, most of your rights are not considered because they are not recognized in the juvenile / domestic / family court system(s). Children's /Family Service, Child Protective Service, Court appointed psychologists and guardian-ad-litem (all are government employees): do not recognize nor ​believe that parents or grandparents have any rights whatsoever.  These non-elected entities have been granted assumed authority that often over-rides power of our elected court judges. You can see that In most cases, any, 'Temporary authority', gradually be extended.. Usually begins with the abuse of motions filed requesting 'court continuances', objection motions and many others. It is pretty limitless if you know what you are doing.

In the various Govabuse links in this website, we will discuss the details of scams used / abused by litigants, attorneys, guardian-ad-litem and others. You can protect yourself through education and not unintentionally cause further harm to yourself family or case.

Injustice often comes by way of one entity educating themselves regarding the fine details in an area of law, to learn how far they can bend the law, without breaking it. Their sole efforts are to inflict as much harm against another as possible, while themselves are legally protected. Executing a plan against the entity they have targeted and most often by way of false accusations against the opposing party. If the vicious willed perpetrator is the only entity educating themselves for battle, the innocent adult party will be the one to lose in most cases. Children lose in every court case.

Education can help save you and make the issues less harmful on the innocent, defenseless children involved.

*  Become aware of laws that can save your case.   
* Learn to avoid court-scams.

* Learn to recognize violations executed by government
  and non-governmental entities including; children
  services, foster care, court guardian-ad-litem, lawyer,
  psychologist, visitation services and many others. 

* Learn what you need to know when dealing with people
  in all areas of your case.  Lawyers are supposed to
  prepare their client(s) but many do not.  Time is ​ money
  and lawyers that are assigned by the court are known to
​ 'wing it' and know very little regarding your case & family.

* If serving pro-se, preparation is entirely up to you.
* If you are not prepared, you will spend forever wishing
​ you had.