TITLES: Child Protection Services CPS, is known by many different titles in different geographical areas, 'Department of Children's Services' (DCS).  Some have more 'family friendly' titles such as, Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) etc...  The names this department is referred to is the only part that changes, as the daily operation of the system itself, is the same in all areas.  

PURPOSE:  In its early development, CPS was developed with actual good intentions, for the protection of abused and dependent children.

EVOLUTION: In the early development of services for dependent  and abused children, purpose and intentions intentions were good.  Unfortunate to children and families, CPS and its many extensions have quickly evolved into one of the most financially profitable resource in the government today.  Unknowingly, the taxpayers are paying and in more ways than financially.  

The demise of our country can be traced to the family courts, where actions by CPS workers are green-lighted.  

During the 1960's states individually passed laws for child protection.

This may read as unbelievable, but it is true.




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