employees of the state

by Govabuse writer, Nancy Rolfe

Govabuse members do not fall into the state lingo trap.  Efforts by the state to give false credibility to their financially driven, intentional separation of families, include giving the title names; "Foster parents", "Foster mother", "Foster father" to those persons employed by the state in the capacity of 'Foster care providers'.  

These titles are not only a complete show of disrespect to birth parents and assist the states mission to keeping children separated from their natural families.   Employees of the state.

Slave trading / adoption

The same concept that started in Africa by the politicians of selling their own African citizens for financial profit, is still being utilized by many governments. Today, adults would have a zero tolerance level to being sold, so defenseless children are the silent victims now being sold off under the ruse of 'best interests'.  People unknowingly, are paying by and through tax dollars to accomplish goals of the government.

Selling children is great for the economy but bad for taxpayers. 

Kids for cash