Protest signs 

Q.  Are thereGovAbuse rules for protest signs?   
A.  Yes and no. The following serve as reminders as it is assumed all protesters carry
their signs in a decent / professional manor. NO profanity or extreme photos.
Example; (no pics of baby giving "3rd finger" at CPS).

* Freedom of speech is important, as is good judgment. 
* Unlawful activities are not protected, under the First Amendment.

Q.After reaching the location, where should we protest?   
A.  On our taxpayer paid, ‘public’ sidewalk. Do not block a pedestrian’s ability to freely walk 
and/ortheir ability to enter / exit any building.  Includes; sidewalks and entrances into
parking lots. Do not block vehicular traffic including: streets, driveways or parking
lots. Safety first; do not stand in any location where a vehicle has the ‘right of way’. 

Q.  Are we notifying police or Sheriff?
​A.  Yes. 3 days to 1 week prior to the protest, your PLC (protest location coordinator) will
  make a courtesy call to alert officers that a peaceful protest will be assembled and
  assure our police / sheriff officers have advanced awareness in the event any
  'concerned citizen calls' come to them when Govabuse advocates are gathering.
  Do not forget how many police are also members of GovAbuse and are often targeted
  for injustices by the system(s) involved with the family courts, same as you. The day of
  the protest, police also have a job to perform, which includes keeping all protesters safe
​ as well.

Q.  Can I show up to the protest without notifying anyone in advance?
A.  Absolutely, yes. Introduce yourself, all will be happy to have you on board!

                                      ​HAVE A GREAT AND SAFE PROTEST!!   

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MAY 28th, 2015


[Family Law]

Former Magistrate Cuyahoga County, Ohio Domestic Relations Court (15 years). Currently- Private mediator- specializing in family law & real estate (9 years). Services offered in Cuyahoga, Geauga, Summit, Lake and Medina counties.

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