Child visits, court dates and never-ending list places you

cannot reschedule, no longer have to be heart-breaking

or personally costly.  Cars break down, you are forced to appointments not on a bus line or too costly by cab..  Click link above and not only can you rent a safe vehicle - they will also

pick you up if needed.  No more missed appointments!

THE FIGHT TO SAVE YOUR FAMILY will often result in loss of jobs which triggers the loss of material possessions home, vehicle and much more.  Along with their children, parents / grand-parents and guardians lose everything in the quest to save their families.    

NO $$ MADE FROM STABLE FAMILIES.   Every day, In every state

& city and children are stripped from their families including newborns being removed immediately after their birth, children from their homes & even their schools.   Most often, without any court order signed by a Judge- on the decision of a social worker.   When children are removed & are not returned to their families it is due to an actual system in play.   Children are most often not sent with family including grand-parents.

CLINTON'S KIDS FOR CASH,  also know as Clinton's 1997 Adoption & Safe Families Act gives $6,000 to $8,000 CASH incentive bonus for each child removed from their family & farmed through the foster care system.   Obama of course, signed to extend these dollars.

CHILDREN ARE HERDED VIA FOSTER CARE and new children must be collected daily to insure tax dollars continue to flow .  

Every day, In every state & city and children are stripped from their families including newborns being removed immediately after their birth, children from their homes & even their schools and often without any court order.

MISSING CHILDREN from foster care often end up dead, never recovered or in child-trafficking because the money stops when the child is not in their care  [lack of care].  Often minors are not reported missing (checks would stop) nor are the foster caregivers held accountable.

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Largest children / Family Rights  organization in the nation

"Education is salvation for your family. Govabuse founder - Nancy Rolfe

​​Citizens have literally invited the government to control every area of the lives of children / families.  This has made obsolete, the role of parents and grandparents and weakened the entire country.   

When the governmental agencies separate any family unit,  people become desperate, emotionally unstable, financially destitute spending every dime on hope of reunification and many become physically ill due to the depression, lack of sleep etc...

Many deal with loss of employment resulting from taking time off of work for; court dates, appointments with; lawyers, court psychologists, evaluators, social workers, guardian-ad-litem and many others involved with cases.  

Know your legal, moral and natural rights!  

Education can mean the difference between starvation and salvation.  You are the only person that can save your person and your family from entities wishing to inflict the horrors associated with injustice.  

Research every aspect of your case or situation that you are involved in.  Govabuse has provided informational links to aid this process.  The more you know, the less you will need to know.  Awareness to your surroundings, not being the last person to know what has happened, is happening and can happen, make all the difference regarding the final outcome of legal cases and many other situations.  

We must all take an active role in prevention and reformation the  issues that place children / adults in harmful and even fatal situations.  Knowing your legal, moral and natural rights can help prevent the demolition of families.  Unity is essential, if we are to re-develop safe places to raise our children and forge a future that resembles what we want and need. 

Govabuse advocates are the needed change, that can and will result in meaningful difference for our children, families, communities, country.

Govabuse is the positive difference needed to safely live in the world as we want, need and deserve. 

DISCLAIMER:  Govabuse does not give legal advice!  Seek professional assistance by a licensed attorney.

GOVABUSE®~ You are not alone

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