WHY GovAbuse



Your tax dollars are paying for the injustices.

The cause of 'Children and family rights', never rose to the level of being recognized as an actual 'cause' before GovAbuse advocates united across the country, proving POWER IN NUMBERS WORKS!!

The next family demolished by the injustices of system 

abuse, may easily be one you know, love and / or even be

your own.  Please do not say "It could never happen to me"

because all families directly affected will tell you that they all believed and said the same.

If you are not part of the solution, the problem(s) will become worse.  The past 30 years, proves this as a fact!  

You have zero right complaining about the conditions or injustices if you remain silent.  Politicians are not mind readers and government entities only understand 'numbers' whether it be number of dollars or protesters (aka; voters).  

Leaving the world for children, in a better, kinder, safer place than when we arrived, is the least that we should expect of ourselves. 

​Safety & justice for our children & families was not intended by our forefathers, to be exclusively for those whom can financially afford it.


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 The heart of one volunteer, can result in bringing unity into your community!