NEW HAMPSHIRE MOTTO; "LIVE FREE OR DIE" and is   exactly what this father did.                                                     Thomas Ball chose to protest against the family court system in his final moments of life.  He was a military veteran and father of three Thomas Ball committed suicide June 15, 2011 he protested against the system abuse he and his family endured by the family court by setting himself aflame on the steps of the Ch  county court after covering himself with gasoline.

Govabuse® is against all forms of violent behavior whether against ones-self or any other entity.  We can win this war, without losing even more lives and / or leaving more children, parent-less.   

Veteran Suicide 

"If there were any truth to the statement,        "God won't give you more than you can handle", there would not be so many veteran suicides,  induced by injustices initiated by the family court system."            

                      Govabuse founder- Nancy Rolfe                                      


Purple Heart's Final Beat- 

by GovAbuse Veterans director;                 

Commander Terrence Popp - Click image

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