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Never miss time with children again!!

SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE and lives of those close to you by calling Enterprise rent-a-cartoday!   The never-ending drama involved with making transportation arrangements to spend time with your children  is simplified with one telephone call or by scheduling a car on line (link above).  Enterprise reps will even pick you up when needed. 

Courts involving custody, juvenile, foster care, divorce etc..., regularly schedule and reschedule hearings with very little notice and when you do not appear to court, rulings are adjudicated against you.   Visitation, psychological evaluations, therapy, meetings with attorneys, guardian ad litem and more, the list never ending.

Many issues may be avoided or resolved by showing up and results of not attending, are often life altering or family ending.

GREAT DEALon weekend rates: 12.99 per day -[economy class]     rent on Friday and return vehicle same time on Monday. 

They only rent newer vehicles.

Sign up for the Enterprise Plus program and receive coupons for an

automatic upgrade [larger vehicle].  Each time you rent you receive points toward free rentals and upgrades.

Parent-child time: Most visits are on a weekend schedule so this

could be an affordable avenue to assure no missed visits.  

Enterprise only rents newer vehicles so the argument cannot be made against you that your vehicle is not good enough to​ transport the child(ren).

Appointments: The time you rent on Friday is the same time the vehicle must be returned on Monday.  If your appointment is on Monday morning at 9:00am, then you should rent the vehicle on Friday later in the day.   You are 'charged by the hour' if you exceed the time scheduled for your return.  

[*Note: This is NOT a paid advertisement].



Visitation is one of the most important issues in court cases.

When one or both of the parents (or guardians) refuse to cooperate, the court intervenes.  The second a court case is initiated, the right to make decisions for the child are literally handed over to a stranger aka; a court judge.   You have voluntarily given up your rights the second you file.  

The results often cause unwarranted stress and psychological harm to the child,  parents, guardians, grand-parents, relatives, friends, basically any person close to the families involved may be affected and usually are.