Slide-show & story by Nan Rolfe;                                                                  

How safe is your private case information?

County courthouses nationwide are often beholding of gorgeous architecture, hallways beautifully lined with art, the warm aesthetics created are unfortunately, nothing short of a ruse.   

Govabuse has received complaints on a national level, regarding 'lost' or 'misplaced' court files.  Stories include what sound to most as unbelievable tall tales of court case files that seem to magically appear at a later date, and sometimes never reappear.

When you hear a neighbor or family member making claims of missing case files, it does not register as believable.  The immediate thought is that the person is under stress, emotionally unstable or have zero clue as to the filing system in courthouses.

The slide-show above certainly gives credibility to the complaints.

An in-depth investigation into the filing system of county courts, revealed a nightmare of truth to the never-ending complaints on this subject.  No filing cabinets to get into.  None of those pesky court clerks or secretaries to check in with or security officers guarding or protecting your private case information (juvenile cases are supposed to be private).  Case files are clearly available for public viewing to any and everyone.  Your tax dollars are spent to store private case information right next to the trash bins, case files are as protected and respected, as the peoples who's lives are demolished by these unethical and often unjust courts of law.  

The photographs above certainly give credibility to the stories brought to Govabuse.   The first court investigation into this issue revealed valid, indisputable evidence proving these claims to be true.  The same complaints of inappropriate storing and lost files have been made on a national level.   If valid, it is a crime against all Americans who seek justice.