Career politician

Will continue the harm by her hubby Bill (1997 adoptions & safe families act) recently continued by Obama -($6,000 to $8,000 cash incentive dollars for every child removed from their families & farmed through the foster care system).   Once children are drugged, they become 'special needs' making them worth the additional two thousand.  There are extreme profits for the Pharmaceutical industry, under Clinton profits will become unlimited.  Forced medications administered to minor children is already a pet-project of hers and paid by you, the tax-payer.  

You say, well that IS what's going on now.  If we give Hillary power,  the damage started under her hubby in 1997 (extended by Obama) will make the current billions being spent, look like pennies.  

Biological families will become 'obsolete' under Hillary's reign.  



    Clinton Vs. Trump


Career Businessman

Knows our country's financial business matters must be ran, as a business. 

Does not try to be 'politically correct'. States publicly what Americans discuss daily.

Trumps vanity:

Would be a serious bonus to U.S. citizens. He thoroughly enjoys public admiration for doing a good job in any venture his name     is attached to.   Trump has spent a lifetime building his reputation.  He does not need to take on the job of President as he is financially stable and admired by many already.  His vanity would not allow him to do anything but the best job possible as President.  Protecting American citizens will protect Trumps legacy.    

Trumps wife Melania:

Will not be a distraction to the job of President because she has no political aspirations.

She was born with the gift of physical beauty and dresses with iconic feminine style.  She is proud to be a full time wife and mother.   Her old fashioned values are in vogue and would serve America in the same beautiful fashion as Jackie Onassis Kennedy.  


Believes it takes the U.S. government to raise your child, by the government taking your child away from you - and using billions of tax dollars to accomplish her goal [see 1997 Adoptions & Safe families Act]. 


Believes it takes a village to raise a child.   A village that is made up of the child's family & people chosen by the child's family.                                            * NOT the government.