RNC - Cleveland, Ohio

RNC - The Good, Bad & Ugly 

 by Nancy Rolfe 

Resident's of Cleveland, Ohio and its suburbs are well aware of our strengths & weaknesses.  We love our city and are aware the nation does not place us on their 'wish list' for future travels.  Comedians and talk show hosts include our city into their jokes "Mistake on the lake" etc... but not this week.      

Sunday, I drove the many routes into and out of the downtown area, parked in a few locations and walked around for hours - alone.  

As a female, I should have been a bit nervous but was not.  So comfortable in fact, was able to remain downtown speaking to many RNC tourists until nearly midnight.  Excited and upbeat were the responses by the many tourists encountered.  As much as I love Cleveland, negativity shone through.  Reactions to the initial visitor's comment's caught me off-guard.   My replies to theirs were "Really?" 



Every area whether on foot or driving, extreme coverage by security could be seen in the form of police, highway patrol and private security companies.  Traffic guards kept vehicles moving without issue and noticed were many drivers kindly assisting one another by waving others into lanes, which is common here.  


Travel into the convention area is extremely difficult for everyone including reporters.  Residents were forewarned this would be at issue as many businesses ran skeleton crews.  

RNC PROTESTER ARRESTED - Police prejudice claimed.

Police encouraged resident's not to get arrested this week

Priority was given to people arrested from other states - to get them processed and out.  The following person arrested was well aware of this fact and sought arrest anyway.

​Claims of 'prejudice' are common.  Those claiming 'prejudice' when facts prove fault of the person being arrested, are harmful to those having true claims of 'prejudice'.  One such claim occurred during the RNC as a protester (K.C.) who refused to take care of her outstanding arrest warrants prior to appearing before police, literally daring to be arrested.  Then having the audacity to claim "Prejudice because I'm a black woman".   This was not her first arrest during a protest for an 'outstanding arrest warrant'.  

A few years ago at a downtown Cleveland protest on Lakeside on front steps of the justice center, police officers 3x gave K.C. an opportunity to 'leave' and turn herself in without earning an additional arrest.  I personally begged her   to accept as it harms 'the cause' as well as our fellow protesters did not deserve her personal issues to overshadow their cause for protest.   K.C's need for attention was placed ahead of the message being shared.  She refused, was arrested & as usual shouted "prejudice - I'm being arrested because I'm a black woman".  

Months prior to the Justice center protest, we were protesting at a east side police station and K.C. instructed protesters to enter the station to protest. Fortunately, protesters trusted me as I assured all they would be putting their safety / freedom at risk and was counter-productive to the cause.  K.C. was going out of her way to be arrested that time.  Some believe negative attention is better than no attention.   K.C. has been incarcerated all week.  Jailers are surly giving her attention.


Republican National Convention

                  Cleveland, Ohio

​                              2016