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Courts regularly schedule hearings with very little notice.  Without wheels in the driveway or you have unexpected car problems, this issue could cost your family.  You don't show to court, rulings are adjudicated against you.

The matters that families must sometimes engage to remain together, can be resolved by the action of simply being able to get to the appointment.   Visitation, court hearings, psychological evaluations, guardian ad litem appointments, the list is never ending and your children cannot afford the life altering issue of you not appearing to even one of these meetings.


Visitation is one of the most important issues in court cases.

When one or both of the parents (or guardians) refuse to cooperate, the court intervenes.  The second a court case is initiated, the right to make decisions for the child are literally handed over to a stranger aka; a court judge.   You have voluntarily given up your rights the second you file.  

The results are not limited to affects upon the child and their parents.  Grand-parents, relatives, friends and any person close to those who love the child(ren) are affected as well.